At Cooloongup Primary School with have adopted the 6-Ds of Solution Fluency approach to our teaching of Steam. Each year it becomes more embedded and encompasses more subjects across the curriculum. 

A Breakdown of Solution Fluency

The 6Ds of Solution Fluency are an essential system for building problem-solving prowess and strong critical thinking capacity. These 6Ds are Define, Discover, Dream, Design, Deliver, and Debrief. 

Picasso Cow Program 2021

Cooloongup Primary School is a school of just under 400 students. We are located on the West Coast in the city of Rockingham, just 47km south of Perth. Cooloongup Primary also has a Special Learning Program attached to the school so that students with autism and mental health issues can be mainstreamed into classrooms under a safe environment where staff are educated in the needs of the students. Cooloongup also has a significant aboriginal education program, and an AIEO for the high number of aboriginal students in our school.

 On behalf of the staff, students and Cow Committee, we proudly present our learning journal. We  share with you the adventures we have been on and the journey classes have made to improve their knowledge of the farming and dairy industry of Australia. 

The Finished Masterpiece MILKY WHEY!!!!!!