Upper Primary Year 3 - 6

The Upper Primary phase of learning consolidates and builds upon the Lower Primary years. Students participate in engaging lessons that expand their interests and maintain their learning momentum. As they become increasingly independent as learners, they also interact more with their knowledge, test their ideas, encounter different points of view, and think in more abstract ways.

 The Upper Primary curriculum is in keeping with the Australian Curriculum. This phase of learning focuses on building competencies in literacy and numeracy, and helping to develop learners that are inquiring, good communicators, knowledgeable, reflective and critical thinkers.

Year 5 Reading with Pre-Primary



The Ibis 6 Class has been reading with the Pre-primary children. Together they have read books, posed questions and talked about their likes and dislikes of the stories. They also have lots of fun!

Year 6 to Parliament House

NAIDOC Week 2021

The children have had lots of fun learning and sharing their work this week based around NAIDOC week. We as a school  also look beyond NAIDOC Week, and explore ways that we can connect with, celebrate and recognise First Nation’s history and culture throughout the year.

The children participated in a number of activities of the week including a smoking ceremony. 

Year 4 Excursion to the Resources Technology Showcase

The Resources Technology Showcase took over Perth in June 2021! Visitors to the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre saw incredible robotics in action, immersed themselves in jaw-dropping augmented reality, took part in amazing remote operations systems and flew cutting-edge drones.

The children were able to experience what it is like to use different technology in different industries. They had a great time, asking questions, listening to experts and engaging with new Technology. 

Year 3 Excursion to Shipwreck Museum

The Year 3 classes had an excellent time at our excursion to the Shipwreck museum in Fremantle last week. We participated in a guided tour where Vanessa took us back in time. We looked at olden day boxes with clothing, kitchen utensils, coins, irons, sewing kits, medicine bottles, tools, olden day games, and other home accessories from the past. We also had a self-guided tour through the museum and looked at different items found from past shipwrecks. The students had a great time and were very well-behaved!