Cooloongup Primary School

Cooloongup Primary School is located in Rockingham. It is set in a quiet bushland area away from the main roads. The main buildings are of a linear design allowing for open classroom teaching between two classrooms. Student accommodation consists of twelve regular primary classrooms, two purpose built pre-primary centres and one transportable kindergarten room. A specialist Art room, a specialist Music room,  a computer lab and an enclosed undercover area are also available to support classroom learning programs. The school can accommodate fifteen Primary, two Pre Primary and two Kindergarten classes.

The current Cooloongup Primary School student population of approximately 375 children, with near to 275 primary students and close to 100 early learning students.

The major focuses of the school are in the areas of pastoral care, catering for students at educational risk and, teaching and learning.

Staff have developed a strong emphasis on pastoral care and the use of social skills programs (e.g. Tribes) and have undertaken a number of programs to promote this philosophy within their teaching (e.g. Cooperative Pedagogies). There is a major focus on cooperative learning and ICT enriched learning programs.

All staff work in a collaborative environment. Primary classrooms are able to open up to facilitate this. Teachers are organised into decision-making teams (reflective of the Phases of Learning). These teams actively participate in developing and implementing programs throughout the school. There is an emphasis on student-centred learning and the implementation of teaching and organisational strategies that encourage developmental learning.