Children’s University facilitate superior educational experiences to students outside of school hours and recognises their achievements through a graduation ceremony with certificates. We do this by leveraging local educational activity providers such as museums, theatres, school clubs and sports groups. Engaging a wide range of experiences such as these is proven to develop a child’s self-efficacy, confidence and aspirations. They are encouraged to explore new ideas, concepts and experiences – not simply stick with what they know!

Written by Isaac and Alex.

The Children’s University program is an awesome program and is really fun to be a part of. We have been doing the program for over a year and have had the great experience of graduating in 2020.

Being a part of Children’s University includes receiving a passport. In the passport you log all the fun activities that you do that are educational. Some of the really cool things we have done in the past to log in our passport are things like visiting sci-tech on the school holidays, learning how to cook meals (curries and homemade ice-cream), at home learning the alphabet in sign language and exploring nature on the weekend (bike rides and bushwalks). To collect even more hours you can play sports and be part of clubs outside of school (but you can only log a maximum of 10 hours for each sport). There is also a Children’s University website where there are loads of fun activities to complete such as making your own computer games and much more.

Once a week, you take your passport to get checked and stamped by Mrs Godden who collects all the data on how many hours you have completed and adds it up. At the end of the year if you have 30 or more hours logged in your passport you will be invited to graduate. This graduation takes place at UWA’s Winthrop Hall and our family gets to come along and watch. At the ceremony, we had to wear a graduation gown and hat, we walked up on stage to receive our graduation certificate and then had a yummy afternoon tea. When we walked out of the hall, people gave us teddy bears that have graduating hats gowns and a scrolls. This experience was super fun and amazing.

To conclude, we highly recommend Cooloongup Primary Scholl Students (Year 3-6) joining Children’s University as soon as possible. You get to have so much fun and learn lots of new skills. It’s such a joy participating in the Children’s University program!

If you would enjoy more information please see the front office or Mrs Godden in Ibis 5.