Introducing our Chaplain: Heather Ham

Hi, my name is Heather and I am the new Chaplain. Not a lot to say about who I am other than I’m here to support your children and your family as best as I can. If I cannot help I will give you information and resources to outside ‘Agency’ supports. On a personal note, I love music being a drum facilitator (Djembe’s not rock and roll), I love my garden and I enjoy/love my dog Charlie. I enjoy mindfulness and teaching grounding.

When you get to know me you will see that I believe in mindfulness, finding my space and practicing breathing with the aim to ground myself. I like to fill my home and work place with living plants and sayings that remind me when I feel unsettled too chillax, breathe, believe and be still. I like to go to the beach to recharge and try and stand on my board (often failing and falling). I love trying to play my American Indian flute, guitars and piano none achieved well. But sometimes it’s the trying and not giving up that helps us build self. My next ambition is to play the violin (not one of my family members are looking forward to that). I enjoy working out with my daughter and I am starting boxing with her, slow, unbalanced but it is a lot of fun!

I like to challenge those I come in contact with to find their own place where they can find peace, chillax and breathe. The photos represent some of what I have set up to support me, not the bird pics that took time and patience to gain the birds trust and not break it. That is how I go about my life I try to build relationship that encompasses, understanding communicating empathy, compassion and respect. I hope to get to know you while I am here, enjoy your day/week.

Chaplain Referral Process

Heather is at our school every Monday and Tuesday. If you wish to speak with Heather or to refer your child, please pop by the office and fill out a Chaplain Referral Form.