Our school follows the Four Tribes Agreements.

Behaviour issues are dealt with individually and a consistent approach is adopted.

We have a zero tolerance to bullying. Please advise your child’s classroom teacher or the Administration team if your child raises concerns about bullying.

The school will contact you if we have any concerns about bullying.

Definition: Bullying is the persistent, repetitive and ongoing actions of one person designed to hurt someone else. A child being told once that they cannot have a skipping rope is not bullying. Bullying can take 3 different forms:

  1. Physical this is hitting and pushing etc.

      2. Verbal this is name calling and teasing.

  1. Emotional – excluding from play.

Remember these actions are repetitive not a one off.

 Each classroom has their own Behaviour Management Policy which supports our whole school approach. All classes have a range of positive strategies and consequences for managing student behaviour. Each teacher discusses this at their parent meeting at the commencement of the school year.