Western Australian law stipulates that all school-aged children must go to and attend school every day.

When a student’s attendance falls below 90%, the school principal is required to investigate the matter and develop a plan (in consultation with the family) to address and restore regular attendance.

Developing the habit of going to school every day is vital so children do not miss out on important ideas and skills they need for future learning.

Did you know:

  • Missing half a day of school each week equates to one month of missed learning each year
  • The attendance habits set by children when they first start school continue throughout their school life
  • If children miss half a day of school each week between Pre-primary and Year 10, they would miss almost one full year of learning
  • Learning is cumulative – if children miss a day, it is harder for them to catch up.

If one of your children is unwell and unable to go to school, please let us know straight away by telephone or connect. If they miss a day it is important you talk with their teacher to find out how you can help them catch up. If your child cannot attend school because of their mental or physical health please contact the school to see what options are available for your child.

It’s Not OK to Be Away is an initiative building a school and community approach to the issue of student attendance. The initiative is designed to change community and student attitudes to school attendance.