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Room 6 News

Room 6 have been very busy this Term with all their exciting projects.

‘Room 6 Year 1 have been talking about healthy food and what makes a healthy sandwich, as part of their health program. They then planned what to put in their sandwich, made their sandwich and ate it. Students also talked about cutting up their sandwich and fractions for Maths. The next day for English they wrote up the procedure of making their healthy sandwich.’ – Mrs Bevan

These are the students comments after making their sandwich:

Cohen: My sandwich was healthy because it had lots of salad
Zeyad: My sandwich was healthy. It was yummy, i had beetroot
Clayton: My sandwich was yum!
Caiden: It was yummy because it had all the stuff except beetroot!
Jake: My sandwich was healthy becasue it had healthy stuff in it like polony
Sinead: It was a yum sandwich. It was healhty because it had tomato, lettuce, cucumber and ham
Ruby: I had healthy stuff in my sandwich like cheese, butter, tomato, cucumber, beetroot and carrot all in brown bread
Corey: I had lots of healthy stuff in my sandwich with brown bread
Caleb: I had brown bread and i put polony in it with beetroot and carrot
Chelsea: I had all the things in my sandwich. I like it!
Ava: I used brown bread and put butter, tomato, beetroot, cheese, lettuce, cucumber and ham in my sandwich
Dezmond: I liked my sandwich because it was healthy and yummy!
Shakiya: I made it with polony because I like it. I liked it cut un triangles and thought it was really yummy
Aiden: I like butter because i like butter
Dean: My healthy sandwich had chicken, carrot, cucumber, lettuce and beetroot. I liked it because it was really healthy and yummy!


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